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LockRite Washers are widely used in various industries such as Construction, Automotive, Minimg, Oil & Natural Gas and Power Plants.

LockRite Washers are used in Pairs. Both Washers have Radial Teeth and are assembled opposite to each other. LockRite Washers can be used with Bolts and Threaded Holes. LockRite Washers eliminate the use of Adhesive for Locking as it automatically secures the joints.When using with Bolts and Nuts 01 Pair should be used on either side.

Advantages :

1. Perfect Locking is achieved at any Preload Levels.
2. Avoids Loosening due to Vibration and Heavy Loads.
3. Easy to assemble and dismantle.
4. When Maximum Safety is desired while Tightening Nut / Bolt.

Material : Prime Quality Spring Steel, Stainless Steel. Other Special material are available on request.

Finish : Natural, Phosphated and Oiled.

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