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Lockrite washers -lrseries

LockRite Washers are widely used in various industries such as Construction, Automotive, Minimg, Oil & Natural Gas and Power Plants.

LockRite Washers are used in Pairs. Both Washers have Radial Teeth and are assembled opposite to each other. LockRite Washers can be used with Bolts and Threaded Holes. LockRite Washers eliminate the use of Adhesive for Locking as it automatically secures the joints.When using with Bolts and Nuts 01 Pair should be used on either side.


Hot coiled springs

The transportation industry, Agriculture implement manufacturers, and construction equipments manufacturers are some of the largest users of the hot coiled springs.Hot-coiled springs are generally used in elevated temperatures, high load applications, in a corrosive environment.


Flapper reed valvers & Springs for the compressors

Reed Valve is a Flapper valve steel component used in different types of compressors for effective control of gas, fuel and air. A careful & controlled manufacturing process is essential for the proper function & longer service life of a Flapper Reed Valve. Flapper Reed valves must be capable of working continuously for long periods without failure.


Serrated safety washers

Serrated Washers are Disc Spring with Trapezoidal Cross Section on both sides for gripping. As the bolt is tightened the serrations crunch into the mating faces and prevents the screw from loosening up due to vibration. lIS serrated safety washers are ready to fit washers to sustain preload and avoid loosening. Also, the disc shape holds the necessary tension. They are available in various sizes to fit bolts or screws. The outer diameter of washer is matched to the head diameter of screw head. The diameters for Serrated Washers are matched to screw dimensions. This allows using screw and bolt including recessed heads, except countersunk screw.

Ball Bearing Disc Springs & Washers

IIS manufactures all types of Ball bearing Disc Springs both plain and slotted & Preloading Bearing Washers.  Proper preloading will increase bearing rigidity and eliminate excessive wear & tear and running noise. Ball-Bearing Disc Springs are used with radial Ball bearings to minimize vibration and shaft deflection.


Disc springs tolerances

 Disc Spring Tolerances:
The following maximum deviations are laid down in DIN 2093.   In general IIS also applies these tolerances to special sizes, however, if they deviate greatly from the DIN, wider tolerances must be specified.They are valid for all Disc Springs as per the DIN and our works standards. 

Disc spring installation,setting & stacking

a) A most important aid to efficient and extended life of Disc Spring is the provision of some form of lubrication.  For relatively low-duty Disc Spring application, a liberal application of suitable solid lubricant, (e .g. molybdenum-disulphide, grease), to the contact points and locating surfaces of the spring is adequate.



Disc Springs are used in all types in all types of applications

* Machine Tools
* Automotive & Engines 
* Dampers
*Brakes & Clutches

Disc spring materials

IIS can manufacturer Disc Springs from all the above materials. If one requires any other material, we can also use any material as per the customer?s requirement. IIS has in-house chemical and physical laboratory and so all the material is tested in-house before manufacturing. This ensures the quality of  the Springs.


Disc springs introduction

Disc Springs are conically formed angular Discs, which are loaded in the axial direction.   Through a unique combination of high force in a small space, Disc Springs can be used as single disc or arranged in stacks. Disc Springs offer a well-developed solution to many engineering problems.  Disc Springs are available with or without contact flats.  A spring stack can consist of either single spring or parallel spring sets.  We have computerized design programmed to assist our customers for their specified applications.  Disc Spring and Belleville Washers are manufactured to DIN 2093 AND din 6796.  Disc Springs are manufactured from imported 50CrV4 material. Our Disc Springs are AUSTEMPERED. This method of heat treatment is particularly effective for springs, as it gives the maximum toughness and therefore considerable durability.




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