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First,  gas spring (support lift) (Lift gas spring) is the most widely used gas spring. It mainly play the support role, only the shortest, the longest two position, in the tour ,it can't stop proper motion. With its light, smooth, easy operation, and price concessions and other characteristics, Free gas spring widely used in the industry of car, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, construction machinery and other fields . also alpine environment, acidic or alkaline environment, etc

Second, since the locked type gas spring (illustrates, controlled type gas spring) (Lockable gas spring)most of the application of medical. The gas spring through some release mechanism can be stop in any position on the schedule , and after stop it have great lock force (can reach 10000 N above).

Three, free-stop gas spring (friction type gas springs, balanced gas spring) is mainly applied in the kitchen furniture, medical equipment, etc. It features between Lift gas spring and Lockable gas spring ,it don't need any external structure and can park in the schedule of any position, but no extra lock force. Mainly through the controller (handles or arrows) achieve the effect. Also through expansion of piston rod to realize. When the controller adjust in ideal position , the valve will independent closed, the piston rod will be locked in the position as the request. When lock happens, it can realize the lock. But if more than a lock force, locking function will no longer valid.

Four, revolving chair gas spring (pressure great) is mainly applied in revolving chair, play  the role of adjust the position. Its characteristic is controlled, demand is bigger.

Five, traction Gas spring (pull strength spring) (Gas traction springs) is a special kind of Gas spring: other Gas spring are in the the longest position when in the free state, that in by external from the location of the longest after to the position of the shortest movement, and traction type Gas spring state of freedom in the shortest possible position, is when the most traction from to the strengths weaknesses operation. Traction type gas spring in a corresponding free type, since the lock type, etc.

Six, Damper (Damper) in the car and the medical equipment with more, its characteristic is the resistance with the speed of operation and change. Can be connected to the obvious on the speed of the agency within buffer role. Damper is mainly used in the buffer role, it is the biggest characteristic of gas spring force with the movement speed changes. When the guide of the gas spring force the point of the exercise faster period of spring resistance on increased, and when the role of slow motion, is almost no resistance. Damper is mainly used in washing machines and refrigerators and other industries.

In addition, from material on points and ordinary steel and stainless steel gas spring gas spring. Ordinary steel gas spring is the most consumable, stainless steel gas spring more for environmental requirements of the place is hard, for example, food machinery, medical equipment, military industry, high temperature characteristics and applications.

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