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1.if the lifting force is appropriate ,lifting components can be realized anywhere stay.
2. the gas spring products are simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance.
3.Travel terminal with a buffering mechanism to avoid damage of the components.
4.When it works does not require external power, and energy saving.
5. the entire trip, the lifting force is almost constant

   Also, depending on the characteristics and applications, the gas spring is called gas lift support, air support, recliners, Gas Spring, Damper and other.

   Classified according to the structure and function of the gas spring. freestyle gas spring .gas spring, locking gas springs, traction gas springs, free-stop gas springs, wheelchair gas spring .gas pressure rods, damper.
   The gas spring is widely used in automotive, furniture, computers, fitness equipment, textiles, printing, motorcycles, food, tobacco, woodworking and other machinery, and can play the role lifting suspend closed and so on.

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