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  Gas spring and gradually, as a new term appears in the newspapers some network, and its practical range from some of the basic car trunk, hood support the development of the machinery manufacturing industry, spare parts for equipment support, shock absorption devices, toolbox lid support, medical industry, areas such as fitness equipment, with the further recognition of its usefulness, the use of increasingly wide range.

Some industry sources Q: The gas springs increasingly wide range of applications, the original springs with telescopic shock do? Personally, I think: would not constitute the impact of the original springs, of course, have some effect, since the use of gas springs are some of businesses most of the more innovative product design, such as the three on the motorcycle rear box, the original with an iron rod support (now also useful), and now with the gas spring is very light on the explicit, convenience, effort, and some units do not know, so his design had some limitations, but the companies must be innovative in leading order in the peer.

I do gas springs for many years, experience tells me that there are now many manufacturers are in a trial of our gas springs, and both the formal use, the effect obvious, but some companies do not know why the gas spring material, but do not know its function, it will be in a passive position, so I hope some industries, such as: machinery manufacturing, Auto, transport equipment, tool boxes and other manufacturing, medical, fitness, kitchen cabinets, etc., need to understand the function and use of gas springs please consult me , I must make plans for you.

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