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Judge the quality of pros and cons of a gas spring mainly from the following considerations:

First, is its seal, if the bad seal will appear in the course of oil spills, leakage and other phenomena;

followed by accuracy, such as the need 500N of the gas spring, and some manufacturers out of the force error is less than 2N, and some manufacturers of products may vary and the actual needs of 500N distant; again is a life, its life can be completely flexible in its calculation of the number of times; and finally is value change in the power stroke, the ideal state of the gas spring force should be the value of the entire itinerary remains unchanged. However, the design and manufacture of the factors that makes the gas spring force during the journey and the value of inevitable change. While the change in magnitude is a measure of a gas spring an important criterion for good quality rings, changing the magnitude smaller, indicating better quality gas springs, otherwise the worse!

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