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Damping is achieved regulating the flow of gas and/or fluid through the valved orificing of the gas damper piston.  This is shown in the animation to the right. Commonly used compression gas springs when mounted in a rod down orientation achieve maximum damping when the piston reaches the oil near the point of full extension.   Referred to as the oil damping zone, it provides a cushioning affect to slow the mechanism as it reaches the fully deployed position.

If consistent damping is required over the entire stroke to achieve a controlled rate of extension or compression, fully fluid gas spring dampers are used.  Fully fluid gas spring dampers are manufactured with separate fluid and gas chambers.  The piston always moves in the fluid chamber. 

The greater the tube diameter in relation to the rod diameter, the greater the volume of fluid passing through the piston orifice and consequently the greater the damping affect.

These principles apply to both compression and locking gas springs.  Varying levels of damping are also possible on tension springs, depending on the model used. 

Damping can be provided in either compression or extension or in both directions.

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