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Sprial torsion spring

They generally have a lug across the I.D. of the spring, which engages a slot in the shaft, over which it works. The I.D. can be made with holes to engage an arbor protrusion or can be made in a special shape to fit over a similar shaped shaft. The outside end can be formed as per customer's requirement.


Tension Gas Springs

Industrial Gas Springs supplies a complete range of tension gas springs. They retract rather than extend.  Sometimes referred to as traction springs, these units operate the opposite of compression gas springs. Mounting constraints often do not allow for the use of compression springs. Tension gas springs also find many uses as tensioners on mechanical assemblies and belt drives.Examples include doors and access panels hinged horizontally at the bottom and any type of cover or lid that must be pulled open or pulled shut.  In order to accommodate a wide range of force and stroke requirements, IGS offers these units in both mild steel and stainless steel construction in a number of sizes....

Protect the gas spring can do and can not do

Can do:

Try to use ball joints to help avoid side load forces. If eyes or fork clevises are used, ensure a loose fit to allow for lateral movement.
Use standard gas springs rod down, i.e. the spring should be mounted so that it spends most time in a rod down position, within 60° of vertical, thus ensuring the seal stays lubricated. For tension springs the exact opposite is true, i.e. use rod up. Once installed, test at least every three months.


Damping is achieved regulating the flow of gas and/or fluid through the valved orificing of the gas damper piston.  This is shown in the animation to the right. Commonly used compression gas springs when mounted in a rod down orientation achieve maximum damping when the piston reaches the oil near the point of full extension.   Referred to as the oil damping zone, it provides a cushioning affect to slow the mechanism as it reaches the fully deployed position.




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