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gas spring can play as a support, buffer, brake, height adjustment and angle adjustment features such as industrial parts. It consists of the following components: pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, seal-oriented sets, fillers (inert gases or gas mixtures), cylinder and cylinder control components outside the control elements (referring to the controllable gas springs), and joints and so on. The principle is the pressure in a confined cylinder charge into the inert gas or gas mixture, so that the pressure of the body cavity is several times higher than the atmospheric pressure, or a few times, using cross-sectional area smaller than the piston rod of the cross-sectional area to generate pressure difference to achieve the piston rod movement. As the principle on the fundamentally different than ordinary spring gas spring has very significant advantages: speed is relatively slow, the dynamic force changing little (generally less than 1:1.2), easy to control; drawback is that there is no spiral spring relative volume is small, the high cost of life is relatively short. The difference is that with the mechanical springs, gas spring with a near-linear elastic curve. Standard gas spring elasticity coefficient between X between 1.2 and 1.4, other parameters can be flexible according to the definition of requirements and working conditions.

According to their different characteristics and applications, also known as rod gas springs, air support, angle adjusting device, pressure rods, dampers and so on. Gas spring according to the structure and function to classification, gas springs are freestyle gas springs, self-locking gas springs, traction-type gas springs, free to stop gas springs, swivel chair gas springs, pressure rods, dampers and so on several. At present, this product in the automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, furniture, machinery manufacturing, and other fields have been widely used.

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