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1, the damper
Dampers used from the buffer, its greatest feature is the gas spring force changes as velocity changes. When the gas spring force to guide the role of point faster movement times significantly increased resistance in the spring, and when the role of point movement is slow, the resistance is almost no. Dampers are used in washing machines, refrigerators and other industries.
2, random stop gas springs
Random stop gas springs, also known as balanced gas springs or friction-type gas spring, its shape and the same free type gas spring, but because of its internal structure changes, so stop gas springs can freely travel anywhere in the stop. When we need to move when its exercise requires additional external force to guide it, as an additional external force removed, the gas spring that is parked in the location, not their own movement. Therefore, the random stop-type gas spring is between the free and self-locking gas spring gas spring gas spring between a. At present, medical equipment, display cabinets and other cabinets with more than.
3, gas spring (gas spring seat)
Chair gas springs, and general self-locking type gas springs more similar to, but when used outside and then put on a plastic sleeve, and its needle valve open in the end. Now the market with more seating than air travel is mainly 130mm, 80mm two specifications.
4, traction gas spring
Traction gas spring, also known as extension spring, its shape and general as air springs. General state of the gas spring is the longest free state, by the external compression shorter, while the traction gas spring free state, the shortest, by the outside world after the longer pull. Traction gas spring also divided into freestyle, self-locking type. Currently, fitness equipment and other industries with relatively frequently.

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