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Industrial production of mold is the main process equipment. Modern industrial product development and technological upgrading, industrial development depends largely on the level of mold. Since World War II, increased automation to the rapid development of foreign mold. Although China is the mold producing country, but had not mold making power. Die match with the spring, but this detail is the key to quality success. Affect the entire mold performance.

    I was involved in surface engineering of the die spring is made of rectangular surface springs market research. Found that the following issues for discussion.

    Spring to represent the surface using a variety of paint for identification, such as light yellow paint, said Xiao-reuse; light blue paint, said load; in red paint, said load; very heavy load with brown paint, said;

    Performance: good paint to complete the spring surface treatment, can be said to serve two purposes, to identify with the color of the technical parameters, to facilitate operation of industrial production, and anti-corrosion properties of the surface of the spring to better guarantee.

    Now successfully used this approach many major manufacturers for foreign manufacturers, such as Japan and East Development Corporation.

    In China, this effect is also only a small part of the factory visit, the key technical requirements are fixed, such as the use of imported materials to foreign standards, but the effect of surface treatment of the spring is obviously a gap.

    Domestic general artificial paint, exterior appears sagging, leakage jet, combined with good, poor rust. Limitations caused by the process itself, a large number of products to stripping rework.

    Foreign use of the electrophoretic paint, water-soluble paint in the tank, to make the cathode workpiece and exert a certain voltage and time, can be formed on the surface in the spring of all the thickness of the paint, then dry cleaning can be. It looks clean and bright, no grain, no exposed end of the phenomenon, not easy to fall off with good adhesion, hardness and good and 3-4H, if the British LVH polyurethane electrophoretic paint company, its flexibility is very good. Operating environment without strong solvent smell, less air pollution, wastewater treatment discharge process simple, as long as the adjustment PH electrophoretic paint deposition of resin, and then discharge clean water.

    We are a manufacturer for the domestic design process: forming spring → Shot → hang → a pair of alkaline degreasing → washing → (slightly acidic 1% and in) water washing → phosphate → double → double de-ionized water washing  → the cathode system of polyurethane Electrophoresis paint color double washing →Recycling → help → washing → curing under the curing rack.


    Shot of the particles will be caught in the spring of two of the crevice.

    Shot lead to rough surfaces, paint should be correspondingly thicker, have bright and smooth appearance, there are 10-20 microns thick, this has led to contraction of the thickness of the spring can be smaller.

    Phosphate will lead to hydrogen embrittlement and reduce spring life.

    Improve the process: forming the spring → alkaline degreasing → centrifugal throw light decorations hung → water → wash alkaline degreasing → double → (slightly acidic and in 1%) washed → phosphate → double → double deionized water washing  → system polyurethane cathode Electrophoresis paint color double washing → Recycling → help → washing → curing under the curing rack.


    Polishing (entire) process is to spring directly into the slope or Spiral Vibration centrifugal, eddy current and other series of finishing machine and add the right amount of abrasives, abrasive and water, for finishing. Polishing the surface after the surface is more smooth than shot peening.

    And traditional crafts such as such as to reduce the oil, cleaning, pickling, phosphating, dehydrogenase, etc., simplifying production processes, spring in the production process less chance of corrosion, not acid. The thickness of the surface can be painted control about 10 microns.

    I use Ho Kim Fine Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Jili Long cathodic electrophoretic paint experiments. All aspects of its performance better and coating rate: When the coating is 10 microns per kilogram, lacquer can be coated with 45-50 square meters. Salt spray test :500-1000H.

    But less likely to make the spring shot peening process reduces the strength of their own, preferably in the spring according to different specifications, such as the size of the gap, choose a suitable diameter of steel shot, steel shot clip in the spring to avoid the gap.

    Stripping failed paint method:

    Currently, some factories use oil burning paint, then use the clean surface, shot peening, but the operation process of making significant pollution, and the manual process prone to fire.

    Carbonation paint paint with concentrated sulfuric acid, but the acid itself will lead to hydrogen embrittlement, NA spring.

    By KRT stripper, with swelling method, peeling paint, not to hurt the spring base, simple, is more advanced methods, but using paint remover products may lead to higher costs, but if the scrap rate reduction, the overall costs fall not rise.

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