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How to increase the force

On first orders and prototypes, we always recommend that you purchase a gas spring which has more force than necessary then adjust it down to suit your application.

Currently there is no recommended method to increase the force on a gas spring.

How to reduce the force

Once a gas spring has left the IGS factory, the only way to adjust its force is by removing some of the nitrogen gas contained inside the tube. Therefore the only possible adjustment will always lead to a less powerful gas spring.

Important notes regarding force adjustment

  • When operating any type of release valve, always allow the oil to run away from the valve before you activate the valve.
  • Because the gas spring contains oil, you must never try to remove the gas by puncturing or cutting the tube without proper technical advice.
  • Under no circumstances you should attempt to regas a gas spring. This is an extremely hazardous operation.
  • With an internal pressure up to 150 Bars (2150 psi) the internal oil can be ejected at high speed and could severly hurt whoever is standing in the way.
  • It is also extremely dangerous to heat the gas spring over its maximum temperature range.


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