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Power springs also called clock springs store and release energy in the form of torque.

Apart from transition coils and coils attached to the arbor, others are solid. With the arbor rotation, solid material becomes active and is wound on the arbor. Since the amount of active material keeps on changing, it becomes very difficult to derive the formula for torque per turn delivered by the spring.

These are generally made of rectangular section material or strips, have special retaining holes or bends on both ends and are flat wound. A special type of housing or case is provided to reduce space required and to maintain amount of deflection.

General applications are for counterbalance mechanisms, reel returns and rewind devices.

IIS manufactures Powers springs from thickness 4.0mm X width 100mm and OD upto 6feet. Springs are manufacture red from spring temper material with hardness ranging from 44 to 48 HRC. We have ready stock of standard thickness of material from 1mm upto 4mm for quick delivery and sampling.

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