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These are similar to the rigid in tension locking springs with oil on both sides of the piston.Conversely when a tensile force is applied, the gas in the nose section will compress permitting a small amount of movement but again, since the oil in the closed end cannot expand, the movement is less than that experienced with a flexible locking spring. When a compressive load is applied to the locked rod, the oil between the piston and the closed end of the tube will not compress and the rod cannot move.However, in the case of a rigid in compression spring the oil is contained in the closed end of the tube and a floating piston retains the gas in the nose bearing end chamber. 

 Standard design: Release valves are not available for standard rigid in compression gas springs. Due to their construction and the need to provide some lubrication to the rod seal, rigid in compression locking springs can only be used with the rod pointing down.

High oil fill design: A gas spring built as a flexible locking spring with a high oil fill and an oil chamber will provide a fully rigid in compression function should this be required.

Calculate the shoulder length for a standard rigid in compression locking gas spring
Shoulder Length = (stroke x multiplier) + Shoulder length constant


Flexible 10/23

Flexible 10/28

Shoulder length constant






K factor obtained (P2/P1)



Applications include operating, massage and veterinary tables, and wheelchair recline and support systems, among many others.


Flexible 10/23

Flexible 10/28

Body diameter B



Maximum force required to depress the plunger (P2 is the force 5mm from full compression)

14% of force P2

14% of force P2

Admissible P1 force
(P1 is the force 5mm from full extension)

from 34 to 270 Pounds

from 34 to 270 Pounds

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