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A locking gas spring incorporates a mechanism to enable the rod to be locked at any point in its travel. When this plunger is depressed the rod is free to operate as normal. This mechanism is actuated by a plunger that protrudes from the rod. When the plunger is released, which may be at any point in the stroke, the rod is locked in that position. IGS offers three types of locking gas springs, which have the following characteristics when locked:

Rigid in tension

Rigid when rod is being pulled, high resistance to rod being pushed


Good resistance to rod being pushed of pulled

Rigid in compression

High resistance to rod being pulled, rigid when rod is being pushed


All three types of lockable gas springs have the same locking mechanism. When the plunger rod is released the valve closes and the passage of oil or gas is prevented, locking the piston in that position.This locking mechanism operates when the plunger rod is depressed by opening a valve in the piston.

This release valve also allows IGS to easily and economically recharge the gas spring should too much gas be released.Release valve: Both flexible and rigid in tension gas springs can be supplied with a release valve, which allows the installer to reduce the force.

Locking Gas Spring Comparison Chart:


Rigid in Tension


Rigid in Compression

Rigidity in Compression



Fully Rigid

Rigidity in Tension

Fully Rigid



Release Value Option




Typical Applications

Applications for rigid in tension gas springs include hospital beds, aircraft, coach and rail seat back recline control and wheel chair recline and support systems.

Chair backs, seat height adjusters and equipment for the physically disabled where the flexing gives a comfortable "bouncy" feel. Further applications are those where no or little extra force is applied once the gas spring has been locked such as VDU height adjustment.

Applications include operating, massage and veterinary tables and wheel chair recline and support systems.
This type of locking gas spring is always used where no movement can be tolerated when the appartus is in its locked position.


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