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Reed Valve is a Flapper valve steel component used in different types of compressors for effective control of gas, fuel and air. A careful & controlled manufacturing process is essential for the proper function & longer service life of a Flapper Reed Valve. Flapper Reed valves must be capable of working continuously for long periods without failure.

Flapper valves are used In :

1. Refrigerators

2. Vacuum Pumps

3. Heat Pumps

4. Air Conditioners

5. Industrial Air Compressors
6. Freezers

7. Brake Systems

Strip thickness over 0.508 mm (.020 inch):
Rmax maximum 2.5~m (100 u inch)
Ra = maximum 0.25 ~m (10 u inch)*
*Cut off 0.25 mm (0.01 inch)

Surfaces Finish. Bright, fine & polished Strip thickness max. 0.508 mm (<0.020 inch):
Rmax = maximum 1.5 ~m (60 u inch)

Ra = maximum 0.13 ~m (5.2 u inch)*

FLATNESS - Extra accurate
This means a maximum out-of-flatness across and along the strip of max. 0.20% of the nominal strip width.

Material :
Material used for Reed valves are 20C, 7C27M02 & Hiflex This material is purchased form Sandvik Materials Technology

Chemical composition Sandvik Sweden of 7C27M02

Elements C Si Cr Mn Mo
7C27M02 0.38% 0.40% 13.5% 0.55% 1.0%\
20C 1.00% 0.25% - 0.40% -

High quality Martensentic chromium, stainless steel, alloyed with molybdenum give better corrosion resistant and higher fatigue strength resulting in a more efficient compressor because of lower flow losses across the valve.

Features of IIS Flapper Valve Reed
* High Fatigue Strength
* Radiused Edges
* High Purity
* Longer service life
* Good flatness & surface finish
* Cost saving & Low maintenance

* Fine thickness tolerances
* High Service temperature
Testing Facilities
IIS has in house testing facilities for mecl1anical, Chemical, flatness, surface finish & edge radius.

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