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Disc spring is forging billets, sheet metal or made of cut-off conical spring washer section.
Its characteristics are:
1. Rigidity, vibration absorption buffer ability, able to withstand a large load of small deformation, axial space requirements for small occasions.
2. With variable stiffness, this spring has a very wide range of non-linear characteristics.
3. With the same dish using different combinations of springs, spring characteristics can change in a wide range. Can be used on the combined, composite combinations, it can be used combined with different thickness and number of different combinations of pieces.
When the composite when compared to the same deformation, the more the spring is the greater load.
Applications: In the large range, replace the disk spring is cylindrical spiral spring. Commonly used in heavy machinery (such as the press), and artillery, aircraft and other weapons, as a strong buffer and damping springs for car with safety valve and tractor clutch and pressed the spring, and energy storage devices for mobile devices.
Cons: load deviation is difficult to guarantee.
Disc spring according to the different cross section shapes can be divided into three categories: including general disc spring (the shape of a rectangular cross-section), with radial grooves of the disc spring, disc spring trapezoidal cross section. Ordinary disc spring into a support surface and two types of non-support surface; with a radial groove disc spring disc spring in general, based on a number of radial out uniformly distributed slots, slots can be round out the direction of the hole out, it can be cylindrical out the direction of the internal control; trapezoidal cross-section disc springs can be divided into foreign aid than the thickness of the thickness of the inner type and cylindrical inner edge thickness less than the thickness of type two.
Since the deformation of single disc spring and the load value often can not meet the request, then you can use the group to form a disc spring assembly (column). Typical combinations are: composite combination disc spring, disc spring, and other complex combination of combination of plate spring.
Compared with the cylindrical spiral spring, disc spring with the following characteristics:
First, the load deformation curve is nonlinear.
2, disc springs into thin shape, easy to form assemblies, can implement modular assembly and replacement, and thus to the maintenance convenience.
Third, with a radial groove disc spring with zero stiffness. This feature can be used within a certain deformation of the spring force required to maintain the basic stability of the occasion.
4, disc spring absorber performance is not lower than the spiral spring, when using composite composition as friction between the disc spring has a larger damping, dissipation of impact energy.

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