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Cylindrical Curved Washers
In today's' world of miniaturization and smaller component design Curved Washers play a very vital role. Curved Washers have distinct advantages over conventional wire springs where weight and space is concerned.

Characteristics of Curved Washers
1. Two point contact with high expansion under load
2. Lighter loads characteristics
3. Near to linear spring constant
4. Readily available size in stock

5. Higher deflection compared to other washers
1. Fasteners
2. Eliminating side & end play
3. Absorbing Vibrations
4. Controlling end pressure
5. Compensating for temperature changes
IIS Curved Spring Washers are made of tempered steel and stainless in some sizes. All the washers are deburred using our proprietary process to achieve the best round edges for longer life.

Finishes : IIS offers a wide variety of finishes like Natural, Phosphated, Zinc Electroplating, Blackening etc.

IIS has ready stock of some sizes of curved washers. Checkout our website or ask for a catalogue

Cylindrically Curved washers design calculation

P =
4 E t3 f (D - d)
S =
6 f E t
R =
6 f E t
h =
R - SQR(R2 - (D/2)2)
D =
2 * SQR(2hR - h2)

t = Stock thickness, mm
h = Height under metal thickness, mm
P = Applied load, Kgs
S = Maximum induced stress, psi
f = Deflection, mm
R = Radius of curve

E = Modulus of elasticity, psi
d = Inside diameter, mm
D = Outer diameter, mm

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