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Rigid in Compression Lockable Gas Springs

These are similar to the rigid in tension locking springs with oil on both sides of the piston.Conversely when a tensile force is applied, the gas in the nose section will compress permitting a small amount of movement but again, since the oil in the closed end cannot expand, the movement is less than that experienced with a flexible locking spring. When a compressive load is applied to the locked rod, the oil between the piston and the closed end of the tube will not compress and the rod cannot move.However, in the case of a rigid in compression spring the oil is contained in the closed end of the tube and a floating piston retains the gas in the nose bearing end chamber. 


Lockable Gas Springs Flexible

A small quantity of oil is inserted into the lockable gas spring so that in its normal rod down position, the seal is lubricated for maximum life. Other orientations are possible by the addition of an oil chamber.


Rigid in Tension Lockable Gas Springs

When a locked, rigid in tension springs are subjected to a compression load, only the compressible gas resists the force transmitted from the piston to the floating piston. However, because the oil on the other side of the locked piston cannot expand the movement permitted is significantly less than experienced on a flexible locking gas spring. This gas will consequently compress and permit the rod to move. In addition, because the oil is always held between the piston and nose bearing (containing the main seal), a rigid in tension spring can be used in any orientation.




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