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Stainless Steel Disc Springs

Corrosion Resistant Disc Springs
The standard range of stainless steel disc springs are manufactured from X12CrNi 17 7 (DIN 1.4310) at thicknesses up to 1.25mm and from 1.25mm upwards from X7CrNiAl 17 7 (DIN 1.4568).


Standard Disc Spring Materials

Ck 67 (DIN 1.1231)
Ck 67 is the most inexpensive spring steel for low stress applications, but is no longer used by Mubea for Group 1 disc springs.
51 CrMoV 4 (DIN 1.7701)

Disc Springs to DIN 2093

Belleville Springs has a complete range of precision disc springs designed to DIN 2092 and manufactured to DIN 2093, designed for critical loading or dynamic applications.

DIN 2092/2093 disc springs are manufactured to close tolerances and are made from high quality spring steel strip and forgings.


Disc spring

Disc spring is forging billets, sheet metal or made of cut-off conical spring washer section.
Its characteristics are:
1. Rigidity, vibration absorption buffer ability, able to withstand a large load of small deformation, axial space requirements for small occasions.

Standard disc spring manufacturing process of classification

I: Standard thickness of disc spring t <1.25mm, punching, cold forming, to the acute angle

II: 1 25 ≤ thickness t ≤ 6mm, punching, cold forming, inner and outer diameter to an acute angle or a precise punching process, cold forming, to the acute angle




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