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What purpose die spring

Die springs with rectangular section (the die spring) is mainly used for stamping die, metal die-casting mold, plastic injection mold and structural precision machinery. Die springs primarily use 50CrVA. It has installed small, good elasticity, rigidity, high precision, producing rectangular material and coating the surface separations (plated), beautiful appearance and so on. Our standard products are the light of day now standard B5012 (small load, light load, medium load, heavy load, overweight load), United standards (in the load, medium load, heavy load, overweight load), the United States ISO standard (light load, the load, heavy load, overweight load), German standard ISO10243 (1S, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S) and so thousands of specifications for the user to choose.


Die spring characteristics of the design principles

This article describes the characteristics of the spring and die design principles, from the theoretical circular shaped wire die springs and wire springs of stress, stiffness, deformation is analyzed. Brief strong spring mold design, mold strong spring that influenced the development of the main problems.


Several common gas spring

1, the damper
Dampers used from the buffer, its greatest feature is the gas spring force changes as velocity changes. When the gas spring force to guide the role of point faster movement times significantly increased resistance in the spring, and when the role of point movement is slow, the resistance is almost no. Dampers are used in washing machines, refrigerators and other industries.

Gas spring works

Gas and liquid gas spring is a flexible medium for the work element, the pressure tube, piston, piston rod and a number of connected pieces of composition, its internal high pressure nitrogen gas charge, as with through hole inside the piston, the piston ends Qiti pressure equal to, but different cross-sectional area on both sides of the piston, a piston rod and the other end of the termination are not, in the gas under pressure, resulting in small cross-sectional area to the side of the pressure and gas spring stretch, stretch the size of the can set different nitrogen pressure or the set of different diameter rod. The difference is that with mechanical springs, gas springs with near-linear elastic curve. Standard gas springs between the elastic coefficient of X between 1.2 and 1.4, other parameters can be flexible according to the definition of requirements and conditions


New Surface Treatment Technology Die spring

Industrial production of mold is the main process equipment. Modern industrial product development and technological upgrading, industrial development depends largely on the level of mold. Since World War II, increased automation to the rapid development of foreign mold. Although China is the mold producing country, but had not mold making power. Die match with the spring, but this detail is the key to quality success. Affect the entire mold performance.


Standard disc spring manufacturing process of classification

I: Standard thickness of disc spring t <1.25mm, punching, cold forming, to the acute angle

II: 1 25 ≤ thickness t ≤ 6mm, punching, cold forming, inner and outer diameter to an acute angle or a precise punching process, cold forming, to the acute angle


About Die Spring

Die springs are the many types of spring among the more commonly used.
It can be divided into standard molds spring day, German standard mold spring, MQB-type nitrogen spring, MQJ type nitrogen spring, MQC-based nitrogen spring, MQH type nitrogen springs, polyurethane springs, die springs usually refers to the rectangular mold spring.


Gas Spring features a simple definition and structure

Gas springs can play a supporting, buffer, brake, height adjustment and angle adjustment features such as industrial parts.

Structural features: gas spring by the pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, seal-oriented sets, fillers (inert gas or gas mixture), the cylinder control devices and control elements outside the cylinder (defined as controllable gas springs) and the joints and other parts.


About compression spring

Compression spring is the more common form of life.

It is to bear the pressure of the coil spring, it mostly with a circular cross section of material is also useful in rectangular and multi-unit Ying rolled steel, the spring is usually so pitch.


Gas spring and the difference between ordinary spring

Gas spring is the principle gas pressure in the sealed cylinder filled inert gas or gas mixture, so that the pressure chamber is several times higher than the atmospheric pressure, or a few times, using cross-sectional area smaller than the piston rod cross-sectional area to the pressure difference to achieve the movement of the piston rod.




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