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Stainless Steel Gas Spring with Threaded End

Industrial Gas Springs, Inc. offers a full range of diverse stainless steel gas springs designed and manufactured to customer specific application requirements.

Our flexible manufacturing capabilities offer small runs up to high volume order quantities.


Spiral power spring

Power springs also called clock springs store and release energy in the form of torque.

Apart from transition coils and coils attached to the arbor, others are solid. With the arbor rotation, solid material becomes active and is wound on the arbor. Since the amount of active material keeps on changing, it becomes very difficult to derive the formula for torque per turn delivered by the spring.


Locking Gas Springs Actuators

Because every locking gas spring application is different, most of our customers will contact their own custom actuators provider. However, in some cases, IGS stock size actuators described below will match the applications requirements.

Curved washers

Cylindrical Curved Washers
In today's' world of miniaturization and smaller component design Curved Washers play a very vital role. Curved Washers have distinct advantages over conventional wire springs where weight and space is concerned.


Flexible Locking Gas Springs

A small quantity of oil is inserted into the spring so that in its normal rod down position, the seal is lubricated for maximum life. Other orientations are possible by the addition of an oil chamber.

A flexible locking gas spring has gas on both sides of the piston. When the force is removed the rod will return to its original position, while remaining locked, giving the characteristic flexing movement.Gas is compressible so if sufficient force is applied to the rod when it is in its locked state, either in tension or compression, the gas will compress and the rod will move a few millimetres from its locked position.

Stamping & Sheet metal

We have a production capacity of 25MT tons per month for one shift.
WE can supply OEM quality stampings with flatness and tolerance on dimension in microns

IIS has all the facilities to handle large volumes of stampings & sheet metal componenents. We have automatic decoilers & feeders & high speed heat treatment furnance for faster production. We can stamp upto thickness of 10mm or 0.4"


Safety Locking Shroud Gas Spring

This type of spring is best utilized in increased liability applications where this safety feature will save money in liability costs.The benefit of locking a shroud spring in full extension is in loss of holding force the safety catch will hold the spring in full extension until released.


Flapper reed valvers & Springs for the compressors

Reed Valve is a Flapper valve steel component used in different types of compressors for effective control of gas, fuel and air. A careful & controlled manufacturing process is essential for the proper function & longer service life of a Flapper Reed Valve. Flapper Reed valves must be capable of working continuously for long periods without failure.


Standard Compression Gas Springs with Clevis End Fittings

  • Standard stock sizes from 2" to 20" of stroke and forces from 10 lbs. to 1000 lbs.
  • Full Line of Standard Compression Gas Springs and struts with Clevis End Fittings in stock.
  • ...

Serrated safety washers

Serrated Washers are Disc Spring with Trapezoidal Cross Section on both sides for gripping. As the bolt is tightened the serrations crunch into the mating faces and prevents the screw from loosening up due to vibration. lIS serrated safety washers are ready to fit washers to sustain preload and avoid loosening. Also, the disc shape holds the necessary tension. They are available in various sizes to fit bolts or screws. The outer diameter of washer is matched to the head diameter of screw head. The diameters for Serrated Washers are matched to screw dimensions. This allows using screw and bolt including recessed heads, except countersunk screw.



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