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What kind of gas springs(Gas spring classification)

First,  gas spring (support lift) (Lift gas spring) is the most widely used gas spring. It mainly play the support role, only the shortest, the longest two position, in the tour ,it can't stop proper motion. With its light, smooth, easy operation, and price concessions and other characteristics, Free gas spring widely used in the industry of car, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, construction machinery and other fields . also alpine environment, acidic or alkaline environment, etc


What is a gas spring? The definition of gas springs?

The gas spring is a kind of industrial accessories that play a important role of support, caching, braking, height adjustment and angle adjustment function.

It consists of the following components: pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, seal guide sleeve,the filler (inert gas or oil and gas mixture), control elements in cylinder and outside the cylinder control components (referring to the controllable gas spring), and connectors.




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