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Standard Disc Spring Materials

Ck 67 (DIN 1.1231)
Ck 67 is the most inexpensive spring steel for low stress applications, but is no longer used by Mubea for Group 1 disc springs.
51 CrMoV 4 (DIN 1.7701)

Release Valves

All IGS springs, with the exception of the micro gas springs, are available with release valves (RV). RV gas springs are fitted with an internal aerospace quality valve located under the removable stud on the cylinder end of the spring. The adjusted gas springs are then returned to IGS for force testing. These springs are generally supplied at a higher force than deemed necessary for the application and are adjusted by the user until the correct operating characteristics are achieved. Should too much force be let out, the springs can be recharged.


Disc Springs to DIN 2093

Belleville Springs has a complete range of precision disc springs designed to DIN 2092 and manufactured to DIN 2093, designed for critical loading or dynamic applications.

DIN 2092/2093 disc springs are manufactured to close tolerances and are made from high quality spring steel strip and forgings.


Gas Spring Mounting

All gas springs contain a small amount of oil to lubricate the main seal and rod and provide end of stroke damping (see damping). If standard gas springs are operated and mounted in a rod up orientation, fluid cannot reach the main seal or rod which leads to excessive seal wear and reduced life. It is recommended that standard gas springs be mounted rod down at least 30 degrees off horizontal. If the application cannot accommodate rod down mounting, an oil or grease chamber should be specified. Both are optional features.



Damping is achieved regulating the flow of gas and/or fluid through the valved orificing of the gas damper piston.  This is shown in the animation to the right. Commonly used compression gas springs when mounted in a rod down orientation achieve maximum damping when the piston reaches the oil near the point of full extension.   Referred to as the oil damping zone, it provides a cushioning affect to slow the mechanism as it reaches the fully deployed position.


Gas spring is how to work?

 As the piston rod is introduced into the cylinder (compression stroke), the internal pressure increases according to the volume of gas displaced buy the rod.  A gas filled spring consists of a precision rod attached to a piston moving within a sealed cylinder containing nitrogen at high pressure.  Output forces are the result of the differential between the pressure in the cylinder and atmospheric pressure outside the cylinder acting on the cross-section of the rod. This increase in Force or K-Factor is normally between 5% - 50%.  In comparison to mechanical springs, gas springs are almost constant force.Because they operate on simple pressure differentials, gas springs will perform as well in the vacuum of space as they do on land.

Rigid in Tension Lockable Gas Springs

When a locked, rigid in tension springs are subjected to a compression load, only the compressible gas resists the force transmitted from the piston to the floating piston. However, because the oil on the other side of the locked piston cannot expand the movement permitted is significantly less than experienced on a flexible locking gas spring. This gas will consequently compress and permit the rod to move. In addition, because the oil is always held between the piston and nose bearing (containing the main seal), a rigid in tension spring can be used in any orientation.


Locking Gas Springs

Release valve: Both flexible and rigid in tension gas springs can be supplied with a release valve, which allows the installer to reduce the force. This release valve also allows IGS to easily and economically recharge the gas spring should too much gas be released.




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